Wicked Problem Perspectives

The Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group stimulates, guides, and informs multi-disciplinary dialogue on assessing and addressing major and seemingly intractable global problems, underlying and disruptive forces and trends, and issues associated with mitigating solutions in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

The group considers problems in their full context. We are a broadly cross-disciplinary community spanning the university—including vital perspectives of social sciences, business, law and engineering—and engaging other institutions, industry, and government. 

Programming includes a series of ongoing and emerging forums. We focus on a small set of selected problems on an individual basis, but also look across problems to assess and refine approaches geared to this class of problems, and encourage regular interaction between problem-focused initiatives. 

Photo credit: Kali Gandaki dam, Asian Development Bank

Get involved

For more information, to join the group, or be on our email list, contact Jeffrey Strauss.