Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Strategic Standards in Smart Manufacturing: Addressing a Competitive Underpinning

June 4-5, 2013

Event description

US industry is facing changed operating conditions with new potential and new threats that challenge strategic, technology and innovation decisions. These conditions are exemplified in the emergence of smart manufacturing (alternatively described as intelligent manufacturing or an aspect of advanced manufacturing) along with related smart grid and collaborative cloud computing. Although these domains are increasingly on the view screens of industry and schools, few recognize the strategic significance or give sufficient attention to the following key underpinnings to competitive success and impact:

  • Identifying and understanding foundational positions such as open vs. closed architectures, federated systems
  • Determining anchor enabling standards areas, assessing priority needs, identifying gaps and tradeoffs; integration, application of standards into practice
  • The competitive importance and complexity of planned participation in standards development (instead of living by standards and markets set by others, including competitors.) 

The workshop has two interrelated components:

  • Day 1 will be an industry clinic on smart manufacturing, adding a standards perspective to planning and analysis with faculty input; and,
  • Day 2 will be an academic-industry workshop targeting workforce education and training, related curricula and pedagogy with industry participation and a review of approaches used by US and international schools as a basis for intensive action-oriented discussion. 

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