Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Strategic Standards Management as a Neglected Competitive Underpinning

March 4-5, 2013

A business and engineering school faculty workshop with industry input

Event description

US industry is facing changed operation conditions which offer new potential and new threats that challenge strategic, technology, and innovation decisions, as well as the preparation of business and engineering students. This is particularly true with the emergence of cloud computing and smart systems and infrastructure - smart manufacturing (alternately described as an aspect of advanced or digital manufacturing), smart grid and related smart supply chains. Although these are increasingly on the view of schools, few recognize or give sufficient attention to a key underpinning to the success and impact of these domains: the evolution of enabling standards and the growing competitive importance and complexity of planned participation in standards development (instead of living by standards and markets set by others, including competitors). This workshop included significant industry participation and is intended to stimulate and enable this gap to be addressed.

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