Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Standards Challenges and Cybersecurity: Implications for Distributed Systems and User Privacy

November 20-21, 2014

Event Description

The US industry is facing new opportunities and new threats that challenge technology operations and strategic, technology and innovation decisions including, particularly, concerns for safety and security. The increased prominence of the internet, exemplified by the emergence of smart grid/smart cities and cloud computing requires increased attention to the underlying role of standards and how emerging systems interoperate. Companies, operation managers, and strategic and cyber security professionals need to appreciate the competitive implications of how standards develop domestically and internationally and the value of participation in the standardization process.  Attention to standards and standardization in cyber security planning and operations in business and engineering courses is called for but may be challenging to faculty.

This program looks at standardization in cyber security and emerging technologies and applications to complex “systems of systems”. It is intended to support faculty in increasing coverage of standards. Action-oriented, it includes exercises and emphasizes discussion with presentations by both industry and academic experts on the contextual areas and potential teaching models.

The workshop, with active industry involvement throughout, has two interrelated components:

  • Day 1 includes an overview leading into presentations by industry stakeholders with standards experts adding commentary and perspective; and,
  • Day 2 (half-day) targets workforce education and training, related curricula and pedagogy and offers an experiential standards negotiation exercise (with content modified to fit targeted domain concerns) to enhance workshop participant’ appreciation of subtle issues and suggest potential class approaches.

Full event description, agenda, participant bios and presentations