Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Globalization and Standards: Supply Chain Operations, Strategy and Infrastructure

May 18-19, 2015

Event description

Globalization brings increased integration and interdependencies of economies, industries, markets, cultures and policy making around the world. US industry is facing new global opportunities and threats that challenge technology operations and strategic, technology and innovation decisions with significant implications for supply chain management and underlying standards.

Increased supply chain management risk vulnerability and complexity are exacerbated by: intensifying global competition, demand volatility, shortening product life cycles service/delivery expectations, cost pressures with resulting shifts to lean manufacturing and outsourcing, globally extended value chains, and disruptions due to unexpected events. Suppliers are increasingly expected to be partners in global planning and operations. At the same time, they find themselves pressured to adopt costly new systems and to relinquish control over processes and data that may weaken their competitiveness.

This program looks at standardization as a key underlying need. It is intended to support faculty in increasing coverage of related challenges. Action-oriented, it includes exercises and emphasizes discussion with presentations by both industry and academic experts on the contextual areas and potential teaching models.

This workshop, with industry involvment throughout, has two interrelated components:

  • Day 1 begins with lunch and a keynote address by renowned speaker and author Dieter Ernst of the East -West Center on the implications of globalization and extended networks. A panel representing multiple perspectives will present experiences and lay out the challenges facing industry including sector variations in supply chain concerns. Further stimulated by a response and CALL TO ACTION talk, participants will work in breakouts to consider standards underpinnings and curricula requirements.

  • Day 2 digs deeper into education and training and pedagogy and offers an experiential standards negotiation exercise (with content modified to include supply chain concerns) to enhance workshop participant’ appreciation of subtle issues and suggest potential class approaches, before we return to breakouts.

Full event description, agenda, participant bios and presentations