Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

FICH Mini-Conference

May 12, 2009

Event description

For this event, particular attention will be on institutional, legacy and contextual factors impacting acceptance and success of innovations in the health area and strategic implications. This will include looking at the path of historical innovations, new high potential initiatives, and the value of industry-derived mapping tools.

About the speakers

Sylvia Aruffo described issues with acceptance of past innovations in healthcare and hospital environments. Dr. Aruffo received an MBA from Kellogg in 1987 and a PhD from the Graduate School in ethno-linguistics in 1992. After work in Baxter and other venues, she currently is co-founder of Communication Science which develops initiatives to change patient and institutional behavior by applying communication science to medical marketing and uses ethnographic research and “mistake-proofing” design to create new products, processes and strategy for healthcare. The firm includes personnel with background in cultural anthropology, engineering, quality, industrial design and medicine.

Richard Mintzer discussed a specific new “virtual surgery” innovation coming out of Israel that combines MRI and ultrasound to enable tumor removal without incision. Dr. Mintzer is a fellow of the American College of Radiology and fellow of the American Academy of Chest Physicians.  He is a former Professor of Radiology at Northwestern, past President of the Chicago Radiological Society, past President of the Illinois Radiological Society and Past president of the American Cancer Society (Lake County division). He was a Board member of the Northwestern Healthcare network. He is currently the President and CEO of Medical Imaging of Northbrook Court. This is the only site in Illinois performing MRgFUS.

Robert McCarthy, President and Founder, Vitacyte and former Director in Roche Pharmaceutical, spoke on the evolving health innovation eco-system and roadmapping. 

David Kelso, Professor of Biomedical Engineering (McCormick) and Director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (CIGHT) at Northwestern, addressed issues in medical care and innovation in developing country contexts.