Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Industry-University Health Innovation Roadmapping Mini-Conference

February 17, 2010

Event description

This launch event featuring industry speakers asserted Northwestern leadership to evolve a unique structure of industry innovation roadmaps that complements current initiatives and addresses healthcare challenges.

Industry Roadmapping, carried out on a regular basis in a growing number of sectors, establishes a baseline of “best” current thinking and practice. It helps build consensus on industry directions and standards, highlights critical gaps and potential paths to address them, establishes future milestones, and stimulates collaboration across key industry stakeholders and suppliers. Resulting roadmaps influence local, national and even global policies. Although some specialized healthcare roadmaps have evolved, healthcare is different from other industries. This can be recognized in the level of complexity and uncertainty along multiple dimensions—from regulatory, safety, political, financial (including pay models and who makes related decision), social, technology change (including impacting technologies from other industries such as IT and nanoscience) and more. These conditions challenge traditional approaches to defining a field and engaging the desired range of stakeholders and advancing to practical solutions. Thus there are multiple silos of effort to address healthcare issues with insufficient productive cross-communication and key gaps and useful insights may be missed.

Building on what could be NU’s “neutral” position and multi-disciplinary expertise, as well as CTIM’s relevant global experience and contacts, we selected target focus/gap areas that can benefit from the addition of non-traditional perspectives. Participation from faculty and students in social sciences, management, engineering, and medicine along with industry and community representation were invited.

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About the speakers

Dr. Richard Albright brings more than 25 years of experience in technology planning, strategy development, systems engineering and product development, with particular emphasis on corporate and industry roadmapping with industry and government clients including medical technology, pharma, and diagnostic companies and programs. He was Director, Technology Strategy and Assessment at Bell Labs.

Celeste Fralick is Director of Biomedical Engineering in the Digital Health Group at Intel Corporation. She was a key developer of Intel’s initial biotechnology strategies, product qualification and product life cycle programs and was active in refining the firm’s risk management strategies. Previously, Celeste was with Medtronic Corporation, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, and Texas Instruments. Her response will include discussion of product and modeling initiatives responding to evolving industry conditions.

Ravi Nemana is Special Advisor for Health Care at the Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), a four-campus, University of California program that applies fundamental advances in science and technology to societal-scale problems such as water, energy, education, and health care. With 18 years of health care and technology experience, he architected the nationally recognized UC Davis Telemedicine Program. Ravi guides policy makers and nonprofit organizations regarding emerging health technologies and service innovation.