Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Compressed Natural Gas Automotive Applications: An Exploratory Workshop

March 17, 2011

Event description

CNG is a critical component of US transportation that will be needed on natural security, sustainability and economic grounds. The potential is already evident in other countries and sectors with the US lagging behind. Vigorous development, improvement, application and acceptance of CNG will be required but how to achieve the needed speed, scope, and effectiveness is not obvious -- "hope is not a strategy." Much must be done to develop, diffuse and manage the enabling systems and the required phuysical and social infrastructures. Together with volatile contextual drivers and the perceptual as well as real inhibitors, these requirements produce a "wicked" innovation challenge with unclear and complex ways ahead for specific steps and their interplay. And, when facing such creativity-demanding new system innovation conditions, the vision must be well promoted and action processes properly targeted and managed if they are to achieve their game-changing goal. They must also be pursued adaptively and globally, be rich in intelligence, and have sharp performance and impact metrics and standards for monitoring progress. 

Though this was not the first CNG workshop, it differed from others in that its focus was Goals and Action. It also differed in its application of such integrated tools as roadmapping together with scenario planning to enhance results oriented planning and implementation. View the entire description, agenda, and attendee bios.

Download the workshop report.