Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

"Super Journal" Forum

With concepts arising from discussions with Emerald Publishing (a global leader in academic publishing), this Forum considers challenges and potential for enhanced dissemination of research and publication to increase its cross-disciplinary accessibility and strengthen its impact on innovation particularly for emerging "Wicked" domains.

There is a growing belief that a new approach is required to establish models of communication and publication that apply new ways of stimulating and connecting communities of interest. It is anticipated that this could enable more effective ways to share research and information among scholars and with practitioners (who rarely access academic publications and whose research is rarely used by academics), improve research and industry developments and provide clearer contributions to the economy and policy decisions.

Among topics being explored is the potential of an online dynamic system of interfaces to draw in users based on topic interests and link to new and existing publications that users may not have initially seen as relevant, and proactive abstracts that may be written by journalists (rather than the authors of the papers) to, in clear and stimulating language, highlight value of academic articles.