Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group

Forum for Innovation and Change in Health (FICH)

This forum focuses on needs, contexts, facts, and issues of next generation innovation in the changing worlds of health service, in both developed and developing nations. Healthcare exemplifies the class of “wicked innovation problems” requiring decision-making under very complex, uncertain, and ambiguous conditions. A key initiative of the forum is exploration of industry innovation roadmapping.


The forum stimulates discussion among participants from academia and industry who span a wide range of disciplines and sectors that might not normally be involved or focused on the medical domain, but could have important insights. 

Industry (2010)

  • Susan Gaud, Kraft/Industrial Research Institute
  • Peter Korst, IBM
  • Celeste Fralick, Intel (Digital Health)
  • Richard Albright, Albright Strategy Group
  • Steve Kaufman, Autism Home Support Services
  • Spike Schonthal, Health e Technologies
  • Alec McMillan, Rockwell Automation
  • Janice Ginsberg, Strategic Marketing International
  • Reenajit Kaur, Prevision Healthcare Consultants; Kellogg student
  • Bruce Livingston, MedWitness/Project AUTEEG; Kellogg Executive Education Program
  • Rod Penner, HCV Partners/Gallup Chicago; Kellogg Executive Education Program
  • Beau Jones, Ceres Solutions; Kellogg Executive Education Program
  • Charles Merritt, Merritt Design, Inc.
  • Ajit Panikulam, MD, health industry consultant
  • Bob McCarthy, Vitacyte, Ltd
  • Michael Diamond, World Resources Chicago; adjunct NU Global Health; DePaul University
  • Sylvia Aruffo, Institute for Human Factors in Healthcare
  • Mark Hellmann, Tripod
  • Megan R. Rooney, McDermott Will & Emery LLP; NU Law School

NU faculty and staff (2010)

  • Richard Sobel, BCICS visiting scholar , medical ethics, law, and psychiatry 
  • Scott Whitaker, Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice (Northwestern)
  • Kearsley Stewart, Weinberg (Anthropology)
  • Sanjay Mehrota, McCormick (Industrial Engineering/Healthcare Decisions Group)
  • Bernard Black, Kellogg/Law
  • Alexander Nikolaev, Industrial Engineering
  • Michael Wolf, Feinberg/Center for Communication in Healthcare
  • Clint Francis, Law (Medical Innovations)
  • Chris Riesbeck, McCormick (Computer Science, Design)
  • Devora Grynspan, Weinberg (Global Health)
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Feinberg (Health Literacy and Learning Program; Internal Medicine)
  • Laura Curtis, Feinberg (Institute for Healthcare Studies)
  • Yi Qian, Kellogg (Marketing)
  • Jamie Jones, Kellogg (Social Enterprise)
  • Sui Zhang, NU Library
  • David Malkenson, Feinberg (Hospital Medicine)
  • Rob Young, Feinberg (Hospital Medicine)
  • Edward Hughes, Kellogg (Management and Strategy; Health Enterprise)
  • David Kelso, McCormick (Biomedical Engineering); Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies
  • Joel Shalowitz, Kellogg (Health Enterprise Management); Feinberg (Preventative Medicine)
  • Michael Radnor, Kellogg (Management and Organizations)
  • Brian Hanson, Buffett Institute Associate Director
  • Jeffrey Strauss, Buffett Institute
  • Rachel Tornheim, Kellogg student

Other schools

  • Ravi Nemana, UC system (CITRIS)
  • Derek Shouba, College of Lake County (Associate Dean, Biological and Health Science)