Andean Cultures and Histories Working Group

About Us

The Andean Cultures and Histories working group (ACH) seeks to enrich research and teaching at Northwestern in humanistic and social scientific inquiry related to the Andes and the adjacent Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

At present, and without previous planning, Northwestern has one of the strongest national scholarly profiles on the region, particularly in cultural and historical studies.

We count over half a dozen faculty whose research and teaching center on the region and includes expertise in the history and cultural productions of African-descended and Indigenous peoples in the Andes as well as broader histories of colonialism, slavery, state formation, lettered and visual practices, and their intersections.

A considerable and energetic cohort of graduate students is actively working in the area across several departments.

Since Fall 2015 when it was created, ACH has built on these strengths in order to fund lectures and events programming, graduate research, and curricular and scholarly innovation in this region.