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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Participate in Alliance Planning

Faculty and staff can help build Northwestern's Global Alliance by attending a Partnership Lunch or joining a Global Leadership Committee.

Partnership Lunches

Across Northwestern, many strong relationships have been built with universities across the globe. To build on these important connections and the experience of faculty in global engagement, Northwestern Buffett is conducting a ongoing series of Partnership Lunches.  In these lunches, faculty and global program staff from across Northwestern schools and units actively contribute their experience and insights about research, teaching, or engagement with a partner university or universities within a country or region.

The goal of these meetings are to explore what interest there might be among the faculty in bringing together existing relationships and projects, building on existing efforts, and creating lasting multi-faceted Global Alliance partnerships.

Past Lunches

Northwestern Buffett has conducted lunches to discuss active partnerships in the following countries/regions:

Faculty Leadership Committees

Once it is determined that there is broad, intense interest across Northwestern for a deep partnership with a global university, the quality of existing relationships are confirmed, and the keen interest of the prospective partner university in the Global Alliance has been established, Northwestern Buffett forms a Northwestern Faculty Leadership Committee.

Members of each Faculty Leadership Committee believe in the advancement of the Global Alliance mission, bring diverse representation across schools, fields, academic rank, and constituencies, and are willing to collaborate with Northwestern Buffett and partner staff to help guide the long term partnership development process with a global university. 

Together, each Faculty Leadership Committee tackles important questions to evaluate the prospective partnership.  

Committee member activities include:

Current Faculty Leadership Committees

Faculty Leadership Committees are currently active to explore partnerships with the following global universities: