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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Global Learning Task Force

Driving innovation in global learning

Through our commitment to integrated teaching, research, and service, Northwestern Buffett fosters the creation of cross-disciplinary and collaborative academic programs.

Northwestern’s Global Strategic Plan recommended the creation of a Global Learning Task Force to work across campus and with partners abroad to co-create new initiatives, determine what reciprocal partnership should look like, and define the outcomes and benefits that we seek to achieve through collaborative global learning.


The Task Force’s work builds on strategic planning discussions around global learning that took place in December 2019. It involved the following campus partners.


Annelise Riles
Executive Director, Buffett Institute for Global Affairs & Associate Provost for Global Affairs 


Denise Drane
Director of Research and Evaluation, Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching 

Bennett Goldberg
Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning 

Sara Tully
Director of the Global Learning Office and Interim Chief of Staff for Northwestern Buffett 

Staff Lead

Meghan Ozaroski
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives, Northwestern Buffett 

Contact Group Participants

Diego Arispe-Bazan
Northwestern Buffett Post-Doctoral Fellow 

Doug Bakker
Director of Graduate Programs, School of Professional Studies 

Elijah Beal, class of 2020
Social Policy major with a certificate in Civic Engagement 

Beth Bennett
Associate Dean of Journalism, Medill 

Ann Bradlow
Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives, Weinberg College 

Wes Burghardt
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Engineering, McCormick 

Peter Civetta
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research 

Jorge Coronado
Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, Weinberg College 

Mary Finn
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Weinberg College 

Matt Glucksberg
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, McCormick 

Matthew Grayson
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McCormick 

Wendy Griswold
Interim Director, Program of African Studies 

Katherine Hoffman
Associate Professor of Anthropology, MENA, Weinberg College 

Mei-Ling Hopgood
Associate Professor, Medill 

Bianca Jimenez
Senior Associate Director for International and Area Studies, Weinberg College 

Debbie Kraus
Director of Global Study Programs, Kellogg 

Christa Kuntzelman
PhD Candidate, Weinberg College, Political Science 

Eva Lam
Associate Professor, Learning Sciences and Asian American Studies, SESP 

Craig Langman
Professor of Pediatrics, Feinberg 

Candy Lee
Professor, Medill 

Emilio Lehoucq
PhD Candidate, Weinberg College, Sociology 

Erin Libby
Manager, Qatar Support Office in Evanston 

Franziska Lys
Professor of German, Weinberg College 

Peggy McCready
AVP of IT Services and Support 

Seth Meisel
Associate Dean of Academics, School of Professional Studies 

Beth Pardoe
Director, Office for Fellowships 

Julie Petrie
Director of Global Collaboration at Northwestern Buffett 

Ceci Rodgers
Director of Global Journalism Learning, Medill 

Nitasha Sharma
Director of Graduate Studies for African American Studies and Director of Asian American Studies, Weinberg College 

Kim Suseeiya
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Weinberg College 

Mark Witte
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Economics, Weinberg College 

Gayle Woloschack
Associate Dean for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs, The Graduate School 

Noriko Tairo Nasohama
Director of Language Programs, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Weinberg College 

Hariclea Zengos
Senior Associate Dean, Northwestern University in Qatar