Student Group Support

We have paused this support while we conduct a review of our funding. We are not accepting applications at this time.

The Buffett Institute promotes undergraduate leadership at Northwestern and in a global context. We mentor, support, and encourage student groups and programs. 

Levels of support

Student groups can affiliate with the Buffett Institute at three different levels of support and mentorship.

(1)  Buffett Coalition Student Groups:

  • Commit to participate in Coalition meetings which encourage the building of communities and allies in confronting global social, economic, political and environmental challenges. The Buffett Institute provides a venue through twice quarterly Coalition meetings for student groups to collaborate, share ideas for leadership, explore issues of ethical community engagement, and discuss programming, calendaring and general organization and community concerns. 
  • Receive invitations to dinners with campus speakers
  • Programming and events are promoted and highlighted through Buffett communications channels
  • Receive priority in reserving space for meetings and events
  • Plus access the opportunities available to Affiliated Student Groups

(2)  Affiliated Student Groups:

  • Request funding from the Buffett Institute to support programming by submitting an annual budget and funding proposal.
  • Can request ad hoc advising from the Buffett Institute staff. The Buffett Institute does not have the capacity to formally advise all its affiliated student groups, but we are happy to meet with groups as issues or questions arise related to ethical global community engagement.
  • Plus have the opportunity to reserve space for meetings and events, print materials using Buffett Institute printers, and receive website hosting
  • Commit to submitting a members list and an annual report at the end of the academic year

Create a new affiliation

  • Which groups receive affiliation and funding? We mentor co-curricular student groups that think critically and act responsibly with regard to the global social, economic, political and environmental issues they care about.
  • What can funding support? Groups host yearlong programming that engages a vast network of students, community partners and the public through student-led events, conferences, seminars, workshops, photo exhibits, and more. Funding does not support student group winter/spring/summer break travel, or student publications.