2018 nominee: Saskia Niño de Rivera

Image of Saskia Nino de Rivera

Saskia Niño de Rivera is a Mexican-American activist. She is the president of the nonprofit organization Reinserta, which she founded when she was just 24 years old. Reinserta is committed to creating a safer Mexico by supporting its invisible, imprisoned populations. Reinserta has focused on improving the lives of children born in prison, as Mexican law allows young children to live with their mothers in jail. Other efforts of the organization include the reintegration of juvenile offenders into society, the defense of wrongfully convicted prisoners, and the improvement of prison conditions, especially for women. 

Previously, Niño de Rivera worked at the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination of the Mexican government, as well as the Deputy Director for Vulnerable Groups at the Coyoacán Delegation of the Mexico City government. 

Saskia Niño de Rivera has also helped shape prison reform in Mexico. She drove the creation of a "maternity in prison" section of the national Criminal Execution Law, helped develop the Social Responsibility Agenda for 2015–16, and has participated in a number of workshops on criminal system reform. 

Niño de Rivera has been selected as a Mexican leader in the Raising Talent Women's Forum and as an Ashoka Fellow. She was nominated for the Nelson Mandela - Graça Machel Innovation Award in 2016 and was named a "Next Generation Leader" by Time Magazine. She was awarded with the UBS Visionaries 2016 prize and is a Vital Voices Ambassador. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in human rights and fundamental principles.