2018 nominee: Lusanda Worsley

Image of Lusanda Worsley

Lusanda Worsley is an entrepreneur, strategist, and innovative leader based in South Africa. She is the founder and CEO of Empire Innovations Agency, a creative public relations and experiential marketing consultancy.

Worsley's company is committed to developing African creative talent through storytelling. The African advertising industry has been predominantly controlled by white men and has mantained discriminatory barriers to entry for many young Africans. Accoringly, Worsley founded Empire as a platform for creatives of color to work and learn.

Adopted when she was two years old by a caucasian British family living in apartheid South Africa, Worsley has had a rather unique childhood and worldview. Stories in media, film, and television have always been an escape for her, but the predominance of white characters had been disillusioning. However, she has been inspired by the programs produced by Shonda Rhimes to celebrate the lives of powerful and beautiful black women. Worsley wants to change the world through advertising and story telling, as diverse media depictions shape our society, worldviews, and pathways for human connections.