For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are eligible for the following funding opportunities:


  • Global Engagement Fellows Program: This program offers work-study positions at the Buffett Institute, through which Fellows can build skills for careers in a social-change workplace.
  • Community-Based Research Fellowship: CBR fellows apply their Northwestern education to real-world issues and collaboratively produce findings to support the sustainability of community-driven initiatives.
  • Projects for Peace: A $10,000 Undergraduate Social Action Fellowship.
  • Supplemental Undergraduate Grants: Up to $2,000 of supplemental funding for Northwestern undergrads to complete or enhance research, internships, project work, or other non-traditional experiences that explore contemporary global issues.
  • The Buffett Institute International SIGP Awards: Up to $6000 in funding for travel and living expenses to expand opportunities for international internships that facilitate career exploration, experiential learning, and research, regardless of financial resources.