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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Gender Equality in the Language Curriculum Project Graduate Assistant

Language Curricula and Gender Working Group Graduate Assistant (1) – starting September 2022, running through August 2023

The Language Curricula and Gender Working Group seeks one Graduate Assistant (GA) to join our interdisciplinary team and support its projects and activities.

The GA will help with compiling an up-to-date bibliography related to the subject matter and have adequate skills to streamline and summarize relevant information. They should also help collect data from existing textbooks and teaching materials to be evaluated by the researchers. The GA should have technological skills to design surveys and interview questionnaires. IT knowledge in survey analysis, statistics and results are recommended. In addition, the ideal candidate would have interest in languages and language teaching and researching skills. 

The GA appointment will begin in September 2022 and will continue through the full 2022-2023 academic year.


Ideal Candidates will:


Graduate Assistantships are open to all disciplines enrolled in The Graduate School at Northwestern University. PhD students are eligible to be funded in their 3rd through 5th years. At the home school’s discretion, Humanities and Social Sciences PhD students may use up to 4 banked quarters to extend their funding through their 6th year.

In order to accept the appointment, selected Graduate Assistants must have the approval of the program DGS and primary thesis adviser.

Graduate Fellows and Assistants must meet the eligibility requirements set for all students receiving financial aid and must follow all  TGS Regulations Governing Recipients of University Assistance.


Monthly stipend (at advanced rate from current minimum TGS stipend rate) and tuition


Application: Please compile all of the below materials into a single PDF document and send to Ariel Schwartz at

  1. Cover letter: Please describe your [research/career/professional] goals and how you envision this GAship will help you meet those goals. (500 words or less)
  2. Research abstract (500 words or less)
  3. Current CV (5 pages or less)
  4. Contact details for two references


The deadline for applicants to submit all application materials is Friday, June 24th (by 11:59 p.m. CT).


Email Ariel Schwartz at with questions.