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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

New Frontiers in Global Research

New Frontiers in Global Research series
Fall 2020: Computer Science and Global Studies

Global challenges necessitate international cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration; they also call upon us to think anew, to engage alternative approaches and novel methodologies, and to take scholarly risks. Turning to a different locus of invention each quarter, Northwestern Buffett’s New Frontiers in Global Research series explores the spirits of creativity and spaces of invention emerging in global studies research.

This fall, we partner with a department that addresses a relatively young discipline that nonetheless influences nearly every aspect of our lives. Centrally about computing and communication, Computer Science enables us to gather and process data, essential aspects of researching and grappling with any major global problem today, from sustainability and human health to cybersecurity and misinformation. Our fall speakers will give us a sense of the promise and peril in applying computing and data science to our greatest challenges, and it is our hope that their engagement with the Northwestern community will catalyze cutting-edge projects at the intersection of computer science and global studies.

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