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Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

Programs and Groups

At its core, Northwestern Buffett is an incubator, facilitating the growth and exchange of ideas and research that address global issues. Learn about our scholars, working groups, and programs that drive these ideas.

Northwestern Buffett Programs


Equality Development and Globalization Studies (EDGS)

Equality Development and Globalization Studies advances research, publications, intellectual engagement, and public dialogue focused on issues confronting the post-colonial or developing world. Among its core themes are the rule of law; democracy and equality; conflict, tolerance and rights; and growth and sustainability. EDGS also houses the Arryman Program, which trains emerging Indonesia scholars in the social sciences.

EDGS Website

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program

The Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program promotes intellectual dialogue and scholarship in pursuit of deep interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary Turkey in connection with global developments. The Keyman Program organizes seminars and conferences; supports related research and undergraduate teaching; and brings visiting professors and scholars to Northwestern’s Evanston campus.

Keyman Program Website 

Meridian 180

Created in 2011 by a group of scholars and policymakers from Japan, China, and the United States under the direction of Annelise Riles, Meridian 180 is an adjacent organization whose members strive to address gaps in research and response, particularly to imminent disasters. Meridian 180 activities take place in person at the local level, with partner institutions in Korea, Japan, and Australia, as well as through online multilingual forums.

Meridian 180 WEBSITE

Programs We Support


Deportation Research Clinic

The Deportation Research Clinic examines the misconduct of federal, state, and local agencies that implement deportation laws. Together with a global network of U.S. residents issued deportation orders, attorneys, law professors, journalists, policy makers, and students, the clinic investigates and analyzes law enforcement agency misconduct and works with communities to discover and test new strategies to prevent and ameliorate the effects of misconduct during deportation proceedings.

Deportation Research Clinic Website

French Interdisciplinary Group (FIG) 

Created in 1996, the French Interdisciplinary Group supports scholarly exchanges with the French academy, advancing shared intellectual agendas between researchers on both sides of the Atlantic. FIG especially focuses on promoting international collaboration in the social sciences and humanities and aims to expose US students to methods unfamiliar to the American academy.

French Interdisciplinary Group (FIG)