Buffett Staff

For questions about reimbursements and accounting, please contact Nick Fortin

For all other inquiries: email buffettinstitute@northwestern.edu or call 847-467-2770.

Annelise Riles

Executive Director, Buffett Institute and Associate Provost for Global Affairs

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Annelise Riles is a professor of law and anthropology. Learn more by reading her bio

Eben Saling

Executive Assistant to Annelise Riles

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Phone: 847-491-4481

Bridget Calendo-Spaeth

Senior Director, Operations and Chief of Staff

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Phone: 847-491-5058

Ayça Alemdaroglu

Associate Director, Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program and Research Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Phone: 847-467-6148

Mike Bacos

Communication Coordinator

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Phone: 847-467-6936

Jeff Cernucan

Program Coordinator

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Phone: 847-467-6565

Patrick Eccles

Senior Associate Director, Global Engagement Programs

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Phone: 847-467-0844

Emory Erker-Lynch

Senior Program Manager, Global Collaboration

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Phone: 847-467-5728

Nick Fortin

Financial Assistant

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Phone: 847-467-6206

Laura Hayes

Communication Specialist

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Phone: 847-467-1153

Krzysztof Kozubski

Associate Director, Research Programs

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Phone: 847-491-4750

Elizabeth R. Morrissey

Assistant Director, EDGS

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Phone: 847-467-6609

Meghan Ozaroski

Assistant Director, Programs and Partnerships

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Phone: 847-491-5932

Dylan Peterson

Program Assistant

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Phone: 847-467-2770

Julie Petrie

Director, Global Collaboration

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Corey Portell

Community Partnerships Manager

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Phone: 847-467-2689

Ariel Schwartz

Senior Program Coordinator

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Phone: 847-491-5881

Rebecca Shereikis

Associate Director, Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA)

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Phone: 847-491-2598

Jessica Smith

Program Coordinator, GESI

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Phone: 847-467-5759

Diana Snyder

Associate Director, Finance and Administration

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Phone: 847-491-5028

Gina Stec

Program Coordinator

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Phone: 847-467-2359

Jeffrey Strauss

Associate Director, Global Collaboration

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Phone: 847-491-5145

Jillian Ware

Business Administrator

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Phone: 847-491-2580

Holly Worthy

Digital Communication Specialist

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Phone: 847-467-5731