On the Ground

On the ground book cover

On the Ground: New Directions in Middle East and North African Studies features the work of MENA faculty and was edited by Brian Edwards. 

The print edition, released in February 2014, was published by Akkadia Press. An online edition, with full text, is also available. 


  1. Fed-up and bored: Affect and political action in revolutionary Egypt by Jessica Winegar
  2. An emotional lens on the 2011 Arab uprisings by Wendy Pearlman
  3. At home in the network: Women's digital and social mobility in Egypt by Sonali Pahwa
  4. Youth-generated media: A brief introduction by Joe F. Khalil
  5. Religious freedom and the crisis in Syria by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
  6. Walking a tightrope: Egyptian reformers in Mecca, 1928-29 by Henri Lauzière
  7. Importing the novel: Arabic literature's foreign objects by Rebecca C. Johnson
  8. American culture in its Middle East circulation by Brian T. Edwards
  9. Berbers, borders and breakdown in the 2011 Libyan civil war by Katherine E. Hoffman
  10. Constitutional Islam: Genealogies, transmissions and meanings by Kristen Stilt