Keyman Modern Turkish Studies

Mission, Vision, and Opportunities

Northwestern's Keyman Program fosters an ambitious, innovative, balanced, nonpartisan, and interdisciplinary platform for connecting with, investing in, and studying modern Turkey.

In light of Turkey's ever more important role in the international arena, the Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program has established itself as a forum for candid and constructive dialogue among faculty and students from Northwestern University and the surrounding scholarly community. The Keyman Program reflects a broad range of topical and theoretical orientations in addressing a rich variety of themes on modern Turkish policy. Its goals include promoting informed conversations about Turkish studies from a variety of conceptual and theoretical perspectives and, in particular, inspiring students to learn about modern Turkey.

Visiting Scholar

Picture of Fatih Turkmenoglu

Our 2014 Keyman Visiting Scholar is Fatih Turkmenoglu, a well-known journalist on human interest stories and TV host in Turkey. 

Learn about Fatih.