Center for Forced Migration Studies (CFMS)

Founded in 2011, the Center for Forced Migration Studies (CFMS) seeks to contribute to understandings of the conditions of refugee movement across state borders to avoid the risk of harm, the underlying social disfranchisement, and the international community's response to refugee needs. The CFMS engages cross-national and interdisciplinary groups to re-conceptualize refugee protection.

  • Research: We conduct multidisciplinary research to safeguard refugee rights and protection guaranteed under international law and, in doing so, seek to identify gaps in protection needs.
  • Documentation: We develop new approaches, strategies and resources to collect expert testimony, documentation of persecution, and violations of the rights of refugees.
  • Education: We provide learning and training opportunities for students, academics, policy makers, practitioners and refugees such as our annual summer institute.
  • Outreach: We contribute to the formation of refugee policy, protection practices and debate through networking, engagement, publication and partnerships.



Group photo in Geneva

Attend the Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Conference: Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Kurdish Politics
November 2-4 Scott Hall, Guild Lounge Northwestern University

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