International Organizations & International Law (IO/IL)

The IO/IL Working Group is a meeting place for scholars with an interest in international law and international organization, broadly defined.

It brings together faculty, visitors, and advanced graduate students and facilitate joint research and events. With a deliberately interdisciplinary mandate, it welcomes members and scholarship dealing with:

  • All aspects of international institutions and institutionalization;
  • International regulation and governance;
  • The relationship between domestic and international rules, norms, and laws.

Executive Committee:

2016/2017 Workshops:

December 2016, Graduate and Postdoctoral Workshop

call for papers

An interdisciplinary symposium for works-in-progress on international law and organization, hosted by the Buffett Institute at Northwestern. We encourage participation from across the social sciences, law, and humanities on the history, theory, and practice of international law and international organization. Interested participants should send a 500-word abstract and CV to by October 15.

The workshop will take place at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago on December 5. 

Winter 2017, Beyond Deterrence: New Approaches to Global Nuclear Politics

A workshop on the recent interdisciplinary growth in nuclear studies and prospects for the future of global nuclear politics. 

Spring 2017, New Directions in IO/IL Regional Colloquium

7th Annual Regional Colloquium in IO/IL