Graduate Student Conference


Science, Technology and the Politics of Knowledge in Global Affairs

All events will take place at:
Guild Lounge, Scott Hall, Northwestern University (campus map)
601 University Place, Evanston IL
The conference, including breakfast and lunch, is open to the public.



Continental Breakfast, Guild Lounge

Opening Remarks
Organizing Committee

Remarks from the Director of the Buffett Institute
Bruce Carruthers

Panel 1: Surveillance and Sovereignty in the Data Age
Faculty Discussant: Joy Rohde

Jillian Foley, University of Chicago
How Cryptology Went Public

Fan Liang, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
High-Tech Governance through Big Data Surveillance: Tracing the Development of India and China’s Population-Data Infrastructures, 2000-Present (co-authored with Vishnupriya (Dia) Das)

Harold Begg, Harvard University
Borders and Brexit: National Sovereignty in an Age of Data Mobility

Panel 2: Science, Nationalism, Modernity
Discussant: Martha Lampland, University of California-San Diego

Jeff Schuhrke, University of Illinois – Chicago
U.S. Labor’s Modernizing Mission: Exporting Industrial Pluralism in the “Development Decade”

Guangshuo Yang, Northwestern University
Technology of Humaness: Animal Protectionism, Scientific Killing, and the Global Positioning of a Civilized China in 1920s-30s

Daniella McCahey, University of California-Irvine
Nationalism and Science in the British Antarctic

Lunch, Guild Lounge

Panel 3: Regulating Global and National Health
Faculty Discussant: Andrew Lakoff, University of Southern California

Kirsten Moore-Sheeley, Johns Hopkins University
Malaria Control, Scientific Knowledge, and Insecticide-treated Materials in Kenya: An International History of National Health Policy

Livia Garofalo, Northwestern University
“No Hay Registros:” Health and Quantitative Anxieties in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alexandre White, Boston University
Who Will Police Disease? Challenges to World Health Organization Authority and the Revisions of the International Health Regulations

Keynote Speech: Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard Kennedy School
Q&A Session


Continental Breakfast, Guild Lounge

Panel 4: Politicizing and Depoliticizing Global Knowledge
Discussant: Daniel Hirschman, Brown University

Raechel Lutz, Rutgers University
Exxon Knew: Knowledge of Nature at the World’s Largest Oil Company

Ryan Ziols, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Governing the Global Soul: The OECD, the PISA, and the Construction of Human Kinds

Yibing Shen, Brown University
Economic Knowledge Regimes, Politics and the Public in China

Panel 5: The Politics of National Security Expertise
Discussant: Samer Alatout, University of Wiconsin – Madison

M. Bilal Nasir, Northwestern University
Producing or Preventing Terror? Thinking About the FBI, Science, and Causality in the War on Terror

Anna Hanson, Northwestern University
The Securitization of Finance: New Alliances and Expertise in the Age of Terror

Ulrike Bialas, Princeton University
Visual and Forensic Age Exams in the German Refugee Crisis

Lunch, Guild Lounge

Panel 6: Professionalizing Expertise
Faculty Discussant: Michael Rodrìguez-Muñiz, Northwestern University

Madeleine Pape, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gendering the Institutional Reproduction of Expertise and Sex Difference

Maayan Sudai, Harvard Law School
Health Social Movements and the Law – The Case of the Intersex Rights Movement

Yasemin Ipek, Stanford University
Engineering Change: Entrepreneur-Activists and Professionalization of Social Movements in Lebanon

Closing remarks
Organizing Committee