Global Politics and Religion Research Group

The Global Politics and Religion Research Group brings together innovative thinkers in search of new understandings of and creative responses to the challenges of socially and religiously diverse worlds.

The Group also seeks to improve public understanding of such questions by opening pathways beyond the tired alternation between naïve celebration of religion as the source of morality, community, and freedom, and denigration of religion as the root of global instability.

Through interdisciplinary reading seminars, invited speakers, and working groups, the Group brings together faculty, graduate students, and visitors from Political Science, Sociology, Religious Studies, History, Law, and Anthropology to create a vibrant research community.

Please visit the new Teaching Law & Religion Case Study Archive, a new digital repository providing legal documents, analyses, and teaching resources for teaching religion and law curated by Beth Hurd and Winni Sullivan

For interested parties, see also our affiliated Certificate Program.