French and the Global Humanities


In the fall of 2016, we collaborated with Middle Eastern and North African Studies and the Program of African Studies on a weeklong series of events with the Moroccan writer Abdelfattah Kilito. In settings ranging from small informal breakfasts to public lectures, the renowned critic and award-winning novelist engaged with faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students in Arabic, English, and French.

In the fall of 2017, we will hold a multi-day conference on French/Brazilian cultural connections between the First and Second World War. In addition to partners at Northwestern including the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, we will collaborate with the Art Institute of Chicago, which is preparing a major exhibition on Tarsila do Amaral, arguably the most important painter of Brazilian modernismo. Speakers from Brazil, France, and the United States will explore the connections and contrasts of French and Brazilians modernisms and modernities through the lenses of art and literary history, ethnography, and, musicology.