East Asian Research Society (EARS)

East Asian Research Society, organized in 2003, is an interdisciplinary forum. Faculty at Northwestern, faculty at other area institutions, and independent scholars with active research interests in East Asia can share current work and discuss common professional interests. While EARS aims to foster intellectual exchange among a broad array of East Asianists, it is especially attuned to the scholarly development of junior faculty, who need to maintain a fairly rapid publication schedule to secure tenure.

Research interests and themes

Given these goals, there is no single set theme for EARS. Nonetheless, some themes have emerged in light of the research interests of the individuals involved, including:

  • The cultural meanings of fashion and fine art;
  • East Asian intellectual traditions in legal, economic, and religious thought; and
  • The power struggle between the center and the periphery in East Asian States.

Another special focus has been the cross-fertilization between the humanities and the social sciences in both the East Asian context and in scholarship on East Asia.

Other themes will likely emerge in light of our changing membership and the development of participants' research.


  • Peter Carroll, Chinese history (Northwestern)
  • Lei Chen, Chinese literature
  • Sarah Fraser, East Asian art history (Northwestern)
  • Charles Hayford, Chinese history
  • Laura Hein, Japanese history (Northwestern)
  • Stefan Henning, Chinese sociology and anthropology (Northwestern)
  • James Huffman, Japanese history
  • Melissa Macauley, Chinese history (Northwestern)
  • Laura Miller, Japanese anthropology
  • Yuki Miyamoto, religious studies
  • Chen Shiwei, Chinese history
  • Jili Sun, Asian languages and cultures (Northwestern)
  • Masami Takahashi, psychology
  • Ji-Yeon Yuh, Asian-American and Asian diaspora, history (Northwestern)
  • Mary Buck Young, Chinese history
  • Brook Ziporyn, East Asian religion