Wicked Problem Perspectives Working Group



Joel Shalowitz, professor, Feinberg and Kellogg Executive Education

Jeffrey Strauss, associate director, Wicked Problems and Technical Standards Initiatives, Buffett

Northwestern faculty advisors

Yip-wah Chung, professor, McCormick (Materials Science), ISEN

Paul Hirsch, James L. Allen Professor of Strategy & Organizations, Kellogg (Management and Organizations)

Diego Klabjan, professor, McCormick (Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences), Director of Master of Science in Analytics Program

Donna Leff, professor, Medill (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Sanjay Mehrotra, professor, McCormick (Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences)

Chris Riesbeck, associate professor, SESP (EECS and Learning Sciences)

Hendrik Spruyt, Norman Dwight Harris Professor of International Relations, Department of Political Science, Weinberg