Undergraduate affiliate spotlights

The affiliate program is a vibrant and growing community comprising students with diverse interests that share the passion that the Buffett Institute is known for: addressing critical global issues on campus and beyond. Become an affiliate today and learn how you can be you at Buffett.

Diane Arthur
  • Name: Diane Arthur
  • Major: Human development & psychological services
  • Campus activities: GESI, Global Engagement Summit, African Students' Association, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

One of the most unique benefits to partnering with the Buffett institute as an undergraduate affiliate is the opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals and peers in a purposeful and practical way. Student voices carry weight here. Whatever a student's passion may be—from refugee rights to water sanitation—is taken seriously by the Institute. Buffett's priority is to see students thinking critically about international engagement and they have created a space in which we can do so.

Betty Bu
  • Name: Betty Bu
  • Major: Biomedical engineering
  • Campus activitiesGESI, NU Crew, Treblemakers A Cappella, Chinese Student Association

“I became an affiliate because Buffett has given me such a unique and memorable study abroad experience. I have grown so much from the summer I spent in South Africa through GESI and I want to share my own experience as well as look for future opportunities to go abroad.”

Danielle Elliott
  • Name: Danielle Elliott
  • Majors: Journalism, political science
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Campus activities: GESI, North by Northwestern

“This past summer I went to Cochabamba, Bolivia, through GESI, and interned with a children’s circus that served as an after-school program. The children I worked with were talented, kind, and generous, and staying involved with the Buffett Institute allows me to stay connected to them through a continued passion for children’s education and human capabilities development. I loved my time with GESI and I hope to join GES and become connected in any way I can.”

Zahra Haider
  • Name: Zahra Haider
  • Major: Journalism (video/broadcast)
  • Campus activitiesNorthwestern's Model Arab League, Muslim Cultural Student Association, Associated Student Government, STITCH Fashion, Students for Jusitce in Palestine, Al Bayan Magazine (Middle Eastern affairs), Persian American Representatives of Students

“As an aspiring international journalist, photographer and filmmaker, I have always been passionate with my global interests in subjects ranging from anthropology and social justice to politics and international relations. Throughout my past two years at Northwestern, I have admired the projects that the Buffett Institute has undertaken, especially those with global perspectives in mind. I am especially excited to be an undergraduate affiliate and get involved in these kinds of initiatives.”

Ary Hansen

“The Buffett Institute has already given me so many incredible opportunities for global engagement. In Evanston and around the world, Buffett has allowed me to delve into immigrant and refugee rights. Through the undergraduate affiliate program, I'm excited to share and learn with other internationally-minded Northwestern students with a wide range of interests.”

Sofia Rada Zubieta

“I became a Buffett affiliate because being involved with the Institute makes me feel at home on campus. Having grown up in 5 different countries, international issues are at the core of who I am. The Institute provides a space for me to explore these interests and see where they can take me. The Institute has challenged my ideas, opened me up to new perspectives and helped me become more aware about the world around. I'm excited to see where it will take me next.”

David Tyson
  • Name: David Tyson
  • Major: Economics, International Studies
  • Minor: German
  • Campus activities: GES, GESI

“At Northwestern, I've cultivated a deep interest in development studies and the global political climate, but often struggle to escape the ‘Northwestern bubble.’ The Buffett Institute serves as a nexus to the greater world, exposing myself to new ideas, cultures, and world viewpoints.”

Odette Zero

“I became an affiliate of the Buffett Institute because whether it is through interesting lecturers or amazing internships and study abroad opportunities, the Buffett Institute provides me a unique lens with which to view and interact with the world. The Buffett Institute has challenged my previous understandings of the way the world works and encouraged me to open my mind to the complexities of daily life at home and abroad.”