Fellow position descriptions


  • Provide general office, administrative/program support including data-entry/analysis, research projects, communication and outreach.
  • Assist in marketing of Institute events and programs: from flyering and presenting at fairs, to social media shares and word of mouth outreach.
  • Build relationships with undergraduates and student organizations interested in global issues/engagement.
  • Advise global engagement team in shaping undergraduate programming and initiatives.
  • Provide support for event planning and logistics, and support and attend Institute events.


Each Fellow will provide overall administrative support to our office, but with a particular focus and leadership role coordinating key projects and initiatives in one of the following areas:

Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) – 2 positions

These Fellows, preferably alums of the GESI program, will provide primary administrative support, and partner with staff to conduct classroom visits and information sessions, coordinate with student groups and residence halls, and other recruitment efforts/events. These Fellows will also help to set the agenda for pre-departure training and final reflection summit coursework, and assist with alum engagement efforts. 

Community-Based Research – 1 position

This Fellow, preferably an alum of the CBR Fellow program or GESI, will provide primary administrative support for the expansion and implementation of the Community-Based Research Fellows program. This Fellow will support recruitment efforts including information sessions and faculty and student outreach, assist with student preparation, and support the Institute’s global partnerships.

Public Relations/Communications – 1 position

This Fellow will assist with publicity and outreach for global engagement programs by helping to develop and maintain relationships with key campus partners and stakeholders. This fellow will have the opportunity to create marketing content (video, graphics, etc. depending on skill set) under the supervision of the Buffett Institute communication team. This Fellow will assist with promotion and recruitment for the GESI program and other initiatives through support of the Buffett Ambassadors program.

Undergraduate Initiatives – 1 position

This Fellow will provide primary administrative support for the development, implementation and recruitment for undergraduate initiatives, including international internships and research, the annual Buffett Award for Emerging Global Leaders, Buffett-affiliated student group support, and undergraduate affiliates

Global Engagement Fellows Advisory Board Co-chairs – 2 positions (to be fulfilled along with other Fellow position)

Preference for returning fellows, to fulfill this role as well as one of the Fellows position listed above. These Fellows will work within a shared leadership framework to facilitate bi-weekly convenings of Fellows, support collaborative projects for Fellows, prioritize community-building initiatives amongst the Fellows cohort, and shape the development of global engagement programming by informing strategy.

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