Event Co-Sponsorship

Promoting public dialogue is at the core of the Buffett Institute’s mission. One of the most tangible ways we deliver on this is by co-sponsoring events that are organized by departments, programs, centers, and student groups on campus.

Though diverse, the common thread that is woven into the events we put our name on is simple: all have clear implications for contemporary international issues. We believe in open debate and discussion of a wide range of views and perspectives. Event co-sponsorship does not signal endorsement or partisanship on our behalf. It does signal the encouragement of productive and civil dialogue.


About these awards

Co-sponsorship helps fund a Northwestern department, program, center, or student group hosting a one-time event.

Funding details

The award provides one-time financial support for an event on contemporary international political, economic, and/or social issues.

The Buffett Institute will ordinarily contribute a maximum of one-third of an event's total budget.

A co-sponsorship does not include staff support.


The event must be organized by a Northwestern department, program, center, or student group. The event must have clear implications for contemporary international political, economic, and/or social issues.

  • We do not co-sponsor social events, fundraisers, concerts, or performances.
  • We do not accept applications from individual students, but we welcome applications from established student groups.
  • Priority is given to events that take place at Northwestern.
  • Applications must be submitted four (4) weeks ahead of the event.

Application details 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Apply online using the Buffett Institute FluidReview Application.


Please contact Krzysztof Kozubski with questions.